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Latest video from our youtube channel share market malayalam about recent fall of Indian stock market and about circuit limits in stock market.

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How to apply for IPO in ICICI net banking

How to apply for IPO in ICICI net banking using ASBA An IPO or Initial public offer is the act of sale of a company’s share to the general public for the first time. I have explained in previous post about how to apply for an IPO through Zerodha Console using UPI. Today we wil see how we can apply through ICICI bank Net banking portal. ICICI is one of the leading bank in India. So I decided to explain ASBA IPO application process using this bank.
Applying online for IPO helps us in many ways than offline application.Application and bidding process is simple and takes only a few minutes to complete. On listing , shares get automatically deposited in our demat account if we get allotment. If we dont get allotment, refunds are automatically credited to your bank account. 
Online application procedure can be completed in a few simple steps. You need to keep you demat account number with you while applying. You can get it from you broker. If you are using Upstox, you can find it in Keyston…

How to apply for IPO through Zerodha with UPI

How to apply for IPO through Zerodha with UPI Zerodha is leading broker in India. you can apply for IPO through zerodha back office console. Transaction is using UPI.  Video explains step by step procedure for applying for IPO using Zerodha with UPI. I is in Malayalam language. But English and Hindi subtitles are also available. We will share videos of ASBA IPO application process also in upcoming videos.

To apply for an IPO, you need a pan card and a demat account.You can open a free account with Upstox and fyers with links below.



NSE holidays 2020

Stock Market holidays 2020 Below is the list of Stock market holidays or NSE holidays of 2020. List is taken from NSE India website. Normal holidays like saturday and sunday are excluded from this list. Only holidays falling on working days are listed. I have also made a video with this informetion. It is uploaded in our youtube channel share market malayalam and embedded at end of this post. Check out that also.

Sr. No. Date Day Description 1 21-Feb-2020 Friday Mahashivratri 2 10-Mar-2020 Tuesday Holi 3 02-Apr-2020 Thursday Ram Navami

How to setup CPR indicator in tradingview

CPR INDICATOR Central pivot range or CPR indicator is a popular indicator developed from pivot points. It is developed from floor pivots. Cetral pivot is taken as a range with upper and lower bar here.  It is a popular indicator amond intraday traders and future and option traders. There are a few concepts developed based on this indicator, that can be used to find trend , support and resistance. You can easily develop a trading strategy based kn these ckncepts and use it in you intraday trading.  Recently Vikram or pivot call and Gomathi shankar of CPR by KGS made this indicator popular with their videos and teachings. We can also see this concept in Ashwini Gujral's book about intraday trading. I personally used it for nifty and bank nifty option trading with some good succes rate.  Normally in CPR, along with normal floor pivot and support and resistance, we use a 20 moving average also. How to setup CPR in Tradingview There are many CPR indicators in tradingview public library.…

What is IQ Options and why beginners should avoid it

IQ OPTION AND BINARY OPTION Beginners in trading fall in these traps of IQ option or binary options, thinking that these are same as normal equity or Forex trading. They see attractive advertisements and promotions by famous people and open account in these platforms.
Soon thery find that you can never make money from IQ Options or binary options. These are built like that only.
First thing you have to think is there is no regulatory body for binary options or iq options in india.
Normal stock market and trading in India is controlled by SEBI in India. But there isn't any sebi registered binary option broker in India.

Video explains what is IQ option or binary option, its differences with normal equity option, is it safe and why beginners in trading should avoid it.

SBI Card IPO date price and other details

SBI Card IPO date price and other detailsAnother big IPO which we were waiting for hits market this march. All details you need about SBI cards and payment services ltd IPO including IPO date, price range, lot size and other details discussed in this video in our channel share market malayalam. Last part explains a trick to improve chance of getting IPO allotment. SBI Credit card
This company was launched in 1988. It was a joint venture between SBI and GE Capital. As name suggests this company deals with credit card business. SBI cards have customer strength of 9 million and stands just below HDFC (as per 2019 data). SBI cards is now owned by SBI and Carlyle group. SBI card will be first credit card company to be listed in India. SBI cards are second largest in India with 18 percent market share in credit cards. They have 17.7 percent share in terms of credit card spending or transaction.

Business ModelSBI card's revenues comes from two things. First is interest income. Second is s…