Savings goals calculator

Savings Goal Calculator

Savings Goal Calculator

Plan Your Dreams With a Personalized Savings Scheme

Managing finances and investing towards goals in India can be tricky without a solid gameplan. That’s why I built this savings calculator - to help you decide exactly how many rupees you need to save monthly to achieve your money milestones.

This tool makes planning ahead simpler. Just key in your total savings target, timeframe in months, and expected annual returns. The calculator handles the math to estimate how much you need to save monthly to achieve your goals.

Let’s say you want to accumulate ₹10 lakhs in 5 years to fund higher education. And you invest in mutual funds projected to deliver 10% returns yearly. This calculator tells you how much to invest monthly to reach your ₹10 lakh target in 60 months.

Automate Savings to Effortlessly Build a Crorepati Corpus

Setting up automatic SIP transfers makes investing a habit. Calculate your monthly savings number, and automate bank transfers of that sum into your mutual fund portfolio. Out of sight, out of mind set-and-forget investing on autopilot will help you stay the course and create serious wealth.

You can always customize details in this calculator and tweak your SIP amounts later. Dream bigger with a higher crorepati kitty, shorten the goal period, or raise expected returns - then route updated monthly savings into your funds to scale your automated investments.

Script a Lakshya Lakhpati Journey With Personalized Planning

Investing is easiest when you make concrete plans tailored to your unique money situation and financial aspirations. This calculator empowers you to chart your own lakshya lakhpati roadmap. See exactly how regular investments can multiply money over long periods.

So whether you dream of buying a fancy car, affording foreign vacations, a bungalow, kid’s global MBA degree, early retirement, or other desires - take control. Use this calculator to systematically invest bite sized sums each month towards your personal money goals using SIPs.