How to setup CPR indicator in tradingview


CPR indicator setup

Central Pivot Range or CPR is a versatile indicator that provides traders with multiple ways to identify potential support and resistance levels. This simple yet powerful indicator has seen immense popularity recently, especially among intraday traders in India.

The CPR indicator is calculated based on the previous day's range and uses the central pivot point along with upper and lower range bars. It can help traders better visualize the market structure and make informed trading decisions.

What makes the CPR indicator stand out is the numerous trading techniques built around it. Traders use concepts like CPR breaks, bounces, flips, and 20-period moving average interactions to trade everything from stocks and indices to futures and options.

The power of the CPR indicator has been unlocked recently by trading educators like Vikram of Pivot Calls, Gomathi Shankar of CPR by KGS, and Ashwini Gujral. Through their trading courses, YouTube videos, and books, they have shown Indian traders easy yet profitable ways to trade the markets using the CPR indicator.

I have personally found great success using the CPR indicator for index options trading. By combining CPR analysis with options Greeks, I have been able to consistently profit from the markets. The CPR indicator adds tremendous value for any intraday or positional trader looking to enhance their trading toolbox.

Whether you trade stocks, commodities, currencies or derivatives - the CPR indicator is a must-have technique in every Indian trader's arsenal. Its simplicity and versatility make it a novice-friendly tool while still packing the punch advanced traders look for.

The Central Pivot Range (CPR) indicator has quickly emerged as a go-to tool for traders using the TradingView platform. Its intuitive visualization allows traders to instantly identify potential support and resistance levels on a chart. Several optimized CPR indicators are now available in TradingView, with the SB ProAnalytics CPR being one of the highest rated for accuracy and customization options. Traders appreciate how it automatically plots the central pivot points, upper range, lower range, along with customizable moving average periods. The clean visuals and precise levels make it simple to spot CPR trading opportunities across time frames. Traders can easily tweak settings like target ranges and number of periods to best fit their strategy. With the power to load multiple indicators and drawing tools, the TradingView platform empowers traders to create fully customized CPR trading setups.

For those using the popular Zerodha trading platform, the native CPR indicator has become a breakthrough addition. Now available on both Kite and the Zerodha mobile app, it places the full power of the Central Pivot Range right into the hands of retail Indian traders. The Zerodha CPR indicator displays values for standard pivots along with three levels above and below the central pivot. Users praise the easy installation and smoother mobile experience for analyzing charts and executing CPR-based trades on the go. Whether optimizing existing chart layouts or starting from scratch, Zerodha traders can now access trusted CPR levels without needing any external tools or switching between platforms. Expect the Sensibull partnership to drive further innovation on implementing analytical indicators across Zerodha’s stack.

How to setup CPR in Tradingview

There are many CPR indicators in tradingview public library. CPR By KGS is a popular one. We have also developed our own one. Search CPR indicator by Prabil. You can find it.

How to add CPR indicator in tradingview chart

Click indicator button at top of the chart and search for CPR indicator in public library. Normally CPR indicator contains central pivot range, support lines and resistance lines. These indicators may also contains previous high and lows and some EMAs. CPR by KGS normally uses 20 period EMA.

CPR indicator

After adding CPR indicator to chart, you can change its settings if you want by clicking settings button near indicator name. You can remove some lines, change colors, line thickness etc using these settings. Too many lines may be confusing sometimes. You can disable some less important pivot lines and adjust EMA settings as per your need.

CPR indicator settings

Share market malayalam youtube channel's  video about setting up CPR indicator in trading view, customising it and developing your own CPR indicator with pine script is given below. It also explains how you can connect tradingview platform with fyers for algo trading. Video is in Malayalam language. But you can easily understand the procedure even if you dont know malayalam. If you want Hindi or English subtitles there, please comment below the video in youtube. I will include soon.

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