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In zerodha, you may have seen errors like "Exchange segment is not enabled Zerodha". While trying to punch orders in some segments. It is because that segment is nit enabled to trade in your account. You can activate NFO segment or currency segment with the process explained below.
You can easily activate segments like equity or future and option ( F&O) segment in zerodha console. Follow the step by step procedure explained below. You can also watch below video for clarity in steps explained below.

To activate a segment,
  1. Go to Zerodha console
  2. Then click profile. 
  3. At right side bottom there is an option to segment addition.
  4. Fill the form and upload documents needed.
  5. Submit your application.
  6. You will get email confirmation from Zerodha once segment is activated.
You need to upload income proof/bank statement to activate f&o segment.

Check the video below for step by step instruction.

If you want to open a new Zerodha account , Go to this page - Zerodha

How can I check which segments are active in my zerodha account

You can check this detail also in your kite console page. After logging in to you console page, click "my profile" tab. There you can find active segments in tour account.

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To read complete tutorial of zerodha kite web with order types and how to buy and sell a share in zerodha, check this post zerodha kite tutorial with video.

In video given below I have explained step by step procedure of segment activation in zerodha. If you want more details, you can check that out.



How to activate currency segment in Zerodha

Normally currency segment is activated when you open an account itself. But if its not, you can activate this segment by requesting segment activation from zerodha console. You can follow same procedure I explained above for activating currency segment. You will have to upload an income proof or 6 months bank statement.

How to activate commodity segment in Zerodha

To activate commodity segment in zerodha, follow procedure explained below.

  1. First you have to go to Zerodha Console. I have explained it in video give above if you are dont know how to go to console page.
  2. In console page, you can find commodity segment. Under that you have to click on the Activate segment button. 
  3. Then click commodity account button and then click Continue.
  4. From the drop-down menu, select the income range, Trading experience & Commodity trade classification. You may have filled it while opening your main account. 
  5. You will have to attach the income proof/6 months bank statement. 
  6. You have to fill “File password tab” if your file is password protected. Otherwise leave it blank.

Next step is to esign segment activation form. You will be redirected to esign page once you complete above steps. You can esign the document if your aadhar and mobile number is linked. Once you complete esign process and submit form, your commodity account will be activated within 48 hours.

There is a charge of Rs.100 to activate commodity segment. It will be deducted from your ledger balance.

If your aadhar and mobile is not linked, you can download commodity trading form, fill it, sign it and send it to,

Zerodha HO
#153/154 4th Cross Dollars Colony,
Opp. Clarence Public School,
J.P Nagar 4th Phase, Bangalore - 560078

You will have include income proof along with the form. 

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