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The Complete Guide to Trading with Zerodha Kite in 2024

Zerodha Kite is India's most popular online stock trading platform. With over 5 million clients, Zerodha is the largest stock broker in India. This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know to effectively trade stocks, futures, and options using Zerodha Kite in 2024.

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Introduction to Zerodha Kite

Zerodha Kite is an award-winning online trading platform that offers traders and investors in India a robust, high-performance system to trade equities, derivatives, mutual funds, bonds, currencies and more - all from a simple, user-friendly interface.

Kite connects to stock exchanges like NSE, BSE and MCX in real-time to provide live market data and streaming quotes, along with charts, analytics, news and research tools right at your fingertips. With fast execution speeds, reliable servers and multi-device accessibility, Kite has become the preferred platform for active traders and long-term investors alike.

Key Features of Zerodha Kite

Simple & Intuitive Interface

Unlike traditional trading platforms, Zerodha Kite uses a clean, clutter-free interface that makes market monitoring and order placement easy. Key metrics like portfolio value, daily P&L, margins available are displayed upfront for quick access. The desktop and mobile layouts are nearly identical for seamless transition across devices.

Powerful Charting Tools

Kite offers users a full suite of technical analysis options through advanced charting packages. Traders can choose between ChartIQ or TradingView charts, both of which allow extensive timeline customization, drawing tools, overlays (EMA, SMA etc), trendlines, indicators (RSI, MACD etc) and more - all free of charge!

You can read more about charts in Zerodha here - ChartIQ vs TradingView Chart types in Zerodha

Mobile Trading Apps

Kite offers high-performing Android & iOS mobile apps so you never miss an opportunity, even on-the-go. The apps provide a similar interface as the web platform with real-time data, streaming charts and order management features. Zerodha Kite mobile makes trading simple for new investors.

Advanced Order Types

Kite supports all the essential order types like market (CNC & MIS), limit (GTD/IOC), SL, SL-M, bracket orders and cover orders for trading convenience under one roof. Traders also get access to superior proprietary order types like Auto-cancel, After Market Order, Trigger Range Bracket Orders, Disclosed Quantity and more.

Account Opening Process

Opening a trading & demat account with Zerodha Kite is quick, paperless and online:

  • Fill form with basic PAN & KYC details
  • Upload documents for verification
  • Make an online payment via UPI, net banking etc
  • Account gets activated in 1-2 days

Zerodha offers transparent pricing, flat Rs. 20 intraday & Rs. 0 delivery brokerage, and has no minimum balance requirements or hidden charges.

Placing Your First Trade

Follow these steps to buy your first shares on Kite:

  1. Search stock using ticker symbol or name
  2. Enter desired qty & order type
  3. Review order details & place order
  4. Payment gets blocked from trading account
  5. Order executes based on market price & depth
  6. Trade confirmation message pops up

It's that simple! Execution speeds on Kite are lighting-quick thanks to advanced order routing algorithms.



Frequently Asked Questions

What segments can I trade with Zerodha Kite?

Kite allows trading in equity (cash & margin), equity & index derivatives (futures & options), currency derivatives, commodities, bonds & fixed income products.

What do I need to start trading stocks with Zerodha?

You need an active trading & demat account with Zerodha, linked PAN card for KYC, funding in trading account to block margin and a basic understanding of how stock markets work.

Does Zerodha offer investor education?

Yes. Zerodha Varsity offers free courses covering share market basics, technical & fundamental analysis, trading psychology, derivatives strategies and more.

What is the brokerage charged?

Zerodha charges industry-lowest brokerage of ₹20 per executed order or 0.01% (whichever is lower) + GST. Delivery investing is 100% free of brokerage costs.

I hope this comprehensive guide helps you understand all that Zerodha Kite has to offer Indian stock market traders and investors today. With robust technology, responsive support and transparent pricing, Kite aims to be at the forefront in taking online investing to millions of new users across India.

How to use zerodha - video tutorial

Above video is a Zerodha Trading Tutorial for beginners. Video explains how to use zerodha kite and how to buy and sell a stock using zerodha kite web. It also includes explanation of order types including cover order, bracket order, stoploss, GTT order etc.

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