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Crude oil trading strategy in Malayalam

Crude oil trading strategy

Share market malayalam youtube channel's this video is about  crude oil trading strategy in Malayalam. Eventhough you can find various crude oil strategies in Hindi, and Tamil, there arent many videos in Malayalam about commodity trading or crude oil trading.
This video explains a crude oil intraday strategy using camerilla pivot points. Pivot points are commonly used indicator in intraday trading. Some use traditional, fibonacci or camerilla pivots. This strategy used weekly camerilla pivot points and 15 minute pivot levels. Its a high probability strategy with good risk reward if you use it properly. Weekly pivots acts as strong levels of support or resistance in chart. Its clearly shown in video. Strategy is developed based on that concept mixed with a 15 minute pivots. If you want we can discuss more crude oil strategies in coming videos.

Crude oil is one of the most traded commodity in MCX. Two different sized contracts of crude oil are available in MCX to trade. Furst normal crude oil with 100 barrel lot size and and crude oil mini with 10 barrel lot size. We can trade crude oil intraday or positional trades. Crude oil is famous or infamous for its violent moves in invetory data release days. Some people use this moves also with a risk defined strategy. Pivots or pivot trading methods is a commonly used method in crude oil trading. Many types of pivots are also available. Traditional pivots, fibonacci pivots and camerilla pivots are most commonly used in crude oil trading. CPR method crude oil trading is gaining popularity now. I will make a video on that topic soon. 


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