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Share market Malayalam POMIS

How to earn regular income monthly, that too a safe income – We all are searching for a scheme like this, which gives a good monthly income return and which is safe.

Benefits of MIS in general

·         Monthly income schemes or MIS keeps the capital intact. MIS ensures that we receives a fixed monthly income. It normally yields better returns than instruments that are debt-based.
·         Monthly income schemes are good for those who need regular income and have a lump sum or need a regular safe income plan or use as pension.

Post office monthly income scheme has some added benefits like

·         Safety. Safety is highlight of POMIS. These comes under finance ministry. So you feel safer since its from government of India.
·         They have tax benefits.
·         Good returns. Here interest on your investment get in form of monthly income.
Most people aren’t aware of post office schemes. I think that is the reason that they are not much popular. I have included as much data as I could collect about this scheme. Read it fully. Watch video link given below. Still if you have any doubt, you can ask them under comment section of youtube video. Video is from our youtube channel Share market Malayalam.



Any Indian resident can open this account. NRI cannot open.
For minors above age 10 can open this account by parents or guardians. But they can avail the fund only when they become 18 and the investment cannot exceed Rs. 3 lakhs in a minor‘s account. Minor after attaining majority can apply to convert the account in his or her name.
We can open it as single or joint account. Same documents are needed that you need to open a bank account. Will describe in detail below.

POMIS Account opening process

  1. Account opening process in POMIS is very simple.
  2. You have to visit nearest post office and first open a savings account if you don’t have it already.
  3. Fill and submit POMIS application form from post office.
  4. Submit Xerox copy of your ID, residential proofs and 2 passport-size photos along with form.
  5. You can make the initial deposit via cash or cheque.

Investment Amount limit

Minimum Investment
Maximum Investment

One can open multiple account but total amount adding all accounts should be within 4.5lakhs.
In case of joint account with 2 or 3 people. Regardless of who is contributing, invested amount belongs to all account holders equally.
Single account can be converted into Joint and Vice Versa

Payout choice :

Payout is monthly. Interest will be credited to your savings account in the post office. We can also request for payout as post dated  cheque also. Cheque validity will be 3 months from the issue date. You can avail this facility only if the cheque amount is greater than Rs. 100.
From one month after making first payment, you will start receiving payment.

Maturity Period of POMIS

 5 years

Pre mature closure

You can close account before maturity. But some amount will be deducted. If you withdraw after 1 year to 3 year, 2 % will be deducted. After 3 year 1 % will be deducted.

Nomination Facility

Nomination facility available in POMIS. You can nominate someone at time of opening account or later by giving a form filled. The investor can nominate a beneficiary (a family member) so that they can claim the benefits and corpus if the investor passes away.

Interest rate

Interest rate From 01.07.2019, interest rates are 7.6​ % per year payable monthly.
You can check rate in India post website also.

Tax Benefits of post office monthly income scheme

There is no Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) for this scheme.
However, the interests earned through the investment in the scheme are taxable. However the amount that is invested in POMIS is not eligible for tax rebates under Section 80C.


Can transfer from one post office to other at no extra cost.


You can either reinvest the corpus post maturity in the same scheme for another 5 years to get double benefits.
A new feature has now been added to POMIS in order to make if more effective and gain more returns. The customer can associate the account with a recurring deposit. The interest earned on the scheme can be invested in the recurring deposit monthly. This way you can grow your money more, while still staying invested in the scheme.
Reinvesting the interest in a mutual fund SIP is also another option.

Open a free upstox or Fyers demat account now with links below


Upstox account opening link


Fyers account opening link

Monthly income calculator for each lakh

This chart is as per current interest rate, which can change. So the income is not fixed.

1 lakh
2 lakh
3 lakh
4 lakh
5 lakh
6 lakh
7 lakh
8 lakh
9 lakh

To know more about POMIS in Malayalam watch this video

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