List of stock market trading related books

Trading and Investing stock market books

Trading and investing in the stock market can seem complicated to beginners, but with the right knowledge and guidance, it is an accessible way to grow your money. Whether you are interested in day trading, long-term investing, or technical analysis, there are numerous insightful books that provide a strong foundation.

In this article, we will explore some of the most popular and informative books for stock market trading in India. These books cover core concepts like identifying stocks, managing risk, developing trading plans, and leveraging market psychology. Reading them will equip you with strategic insights from renowned traders and time-tested methodologies.

Understanding the intricacies of the share bazaar has never been more important for retail participants looking to create enduring wealth. The books featured below offer practical tactics interspersed with cautionary tales of risk management. They analyze the historical market cycles and compare the metrics integral to selecting winning stocks across market cap segments.

Written simply yet packed with evidence-based techniques, these guiding lights aptly complement today's DIY investment culture. Whether you are planning to invest through mutual funds or directly in shares, these books contain universal advice for prospering in the financial markets. Let's get started.

The first paragraph focuses on establishing the importance of learning about stock market trading through books and briefly touches on the key topics covered. The second paragraph speaks to why understanding the stock market is important for retail investors to build wealth. The next paragraph discusses how the featured books offer practical, evidence-based techniques and market wisdom for discerning participants. This establishes the relevance and value of the book recommendations provided.

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Some of the stock market books mentioned below are suitable for beginners in share market. I will try to include books for stock market investing related books and from books from Indian authors soon and will update the list. I will also try to add some stock market hindi and malayalam books to this list soon.
  1. Technical analysis of financial market by John J. Murphy  - This is one of the best stock market book for beginners. Its includes basic technical analysis concepts like chart patterns, candlesticks and indicators.
  2. Candlesticks by Steve Nison  - Another stock market technical analysis book useful for beginners. This book contains complete information related to candlesticks. If you want to read about candlestick charts and patterns, its one of the best book for that.
  3. Art and science of technical analysis by Adam Grimes - Technical analysis book by Adam grimes. One of my favourite technical analysis book.
  4. Trading for living by Dr. Alexander elder - A very useful book for beginners. This book contains technical analysis concepts like chart patterns and indicators, trading psychology related chapters and more. 
  5. Trading in the zone by Mark Douglas - One of the best trading psychology related book. A must read book for traders. 
  6. Reminiscences of a stock operator by Edwin Lefevre 
  7. Market wizards by Jack D. Schwager 
  8. Encyclopedia of chart patterns by Thomas N. Bulkowski 
  9. Definite guide to position sizing by Van Tharp 
  10. How to Make Money in Intraday Trading by Ashwini Gujral - A good stock market book by an Indian author. A very useful book for intraday traders.
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