Upstox international account

Upstox international trade account

Upstox, a leading discount broker in India is planning to launch a platform to invest in international stocks. For an Indian investor,there wasnt many options to invest or trade in global giants like apple, google, tesla, uber, sony, toyota etc. They either had to buy it indirectly by buying funds that invest in international stocks. Some options was there to directly invest. But that was too costly also. If upstox launch this platform soon, it will be a bug opportunity for common people to invest in these international stock.



As per information in upstox new page for international investing, we wi be able to invest across 60+ exchanges in over 25 countries. You will be able to invest in stocks from USA, Japan etc. As per website, you can also buy fraction of a stock also. That means a small investor can also utilise this service. 

There isnt any confirmation when upstox will launch this service. But as per information in the website, it says zero percent commision. We will get to know what are other charges involved once its launched. 

In the upstox international website, you can register for pre access.

For those who dont have upstox account can open an account now with this link. 

Account opening is free if you use our link. 

After account opening go to upstox international website and register for pre access with mobile number you used for upstox account.

Watch our channel video in Malayalam for more details.

No more details are available about this. Will update this section once they launch upstox international platform for all.

There are some rumours that more brokers may launch platforms to invest in foreign stocks and foreign exchanges. Recently there was a news that zerodha may launch one soon. Lets see who will launch it first, zerodha or upstox. Zerodha is leader among discount brokers. Upstox is growing too fast to catch up. Upstox launched a mutual fund platform recently. Anyway this battle between two leading brokers is good for us as customers. They are trying to bring best technology and platforms for customers to attract them.  

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