Upstox pro demo

Upstox Pro Web platform demo

Upstox Pro Web represents the browser-based trading interface offered by one of India's fastest growing discount brokers - Upstox (RKSV Securities). Backed by marquee investors like Ratan Tata and Tiger Global, Upstox provides over 20 lakh clients a feature-rich, high-performance proprietary trading platform.

The Upstox Pro Web delivers a desktop-like experience directly through web browsers facilitating access without software installation overheads. Key capabilities include advanced charting tools, margin calculators, research reports and seamless order execution workflows. Pre-built screeners scan markets in real-time based on technicals, fundamentals and F&O analytics empowering analysis.

By consolidating a responsive interface with powerful features, Upstox Pro Web aims to serve seasoned active traders, while attracting new users through convenience. This overview covers in-depth functionality review.

Upstox pro web platform 

Upstox Pro Web is their web trading platform. Recently they also launched a tradingview based platform. Currently you can use any of these two you want.

Open upstox account

How to use upstox pro web? 

New users ask this always. So I made a video about it in Malayalam. You can find it in our youtube channel.

We have discussed about upstox pro mobile application in a post earlier. 
Its a simple user guide starting from login process to customizing upstox pro platform workspace.

Upstox pro login

Upstox pro web is upstox's web trading platform. It can be accessed by your browser without downloading any software. You can visit official website of Upstox to login to upstox Pro Web.

You can test its demo version without account and experience its features. 

Upstox pro features

A feature rich trading platform with a lot of features to make a trading easy. As in most of the trading platforms, upstox pro have a customisable watchlist. You can add, delete and rename these watchlists. There is a search bar at top to search stocks, equity f&o contracts, currency and commodity f&o contracts. 

Some of the main features of Upstox pro web platform are,

Customizable Watchlists

  • Create multiple watchlists to track stocks and contracts
  • Add, remove, edit watchlist names as per preference
  • Get real-time updates on scrips in watchlist

Intelligent Search Bar

  • Search stocks, indices by name or code
  • Lookup F&O contracts across equity, currency and commodities
  • Auto-suggestions facilitate quick discovery

Market Overview

  • Heatmap visually identifies top gaining/losing stocks or sectors
  • View index components with weights and performance contribution

Advanced Charting

  • Interactive graphs across multiple durations with overlays
  • Customizable technical indicators and drawing tools
  • Chart linking compares multi-scrip price movements

Upstox pro chart

Next we will move to chart section. Latest version upstox pro web 3.0 have 2 types of charts. Tradingview and chartIQ. Upstox pro have advanced chart with all drawing tools needed for analysis as scrip. It also has more than 100 indicators including popular indicators like RSI, MACD, Bollinger band etc. Different types of charts like candlestick chart, line chart, bar chart etc are available. 

New versions of upstox pro web had option to add remove widgets to customize platform for your need. But new version dont have that option.

There is an option to dark theme also in upstox pro for those who like it. You can use shortcut keys for order placing in upstox pro web for order placing.

Upstox pro is a smooth and user friendly platform. I never saw any slow loading issues and all. Widgets are cool feature to customize your workspace as you want.

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