FYERS introduces NRI demat account

Hassle-Free NRI Demat Account Opening in Just 3 Days

Investing in Indian stocks just got easier for NRIs! Fyers has launched an online portal for super fast NRI Demat account opening with minimum paperwork. Now open your account remotely in just 3 working days without the tedious offline procedures.

This guide will walk you through everything - NRI account types, documents required, charges, procedure and more. Read on to start investing in India from overseas seamlessly.

Who is an NRI?

An Indian citizen or Person of Indian Origin (PIO) who has stayed abroad for over 182 days is considered an NRI by Indian tax laws. There are multiple other factors that determine NRI status eligibility.

Types of NRI Demat Accounts

Fyers offer both PIS and Non-PIS accounts tailored to NRIs:

NRI PIS Account

  • For overseas portfolio investments in India
  • Repatriation facility to transfer funds overseas
  • Requires additional PIS permission letter

NRI Non-PIS Account

  • For general investments by NRIs in India
  • No repatriation facility
  • Simple process without PIS letter
To know all details about NRI account, check - NRI demat account in India

Documents Required for Account Opening

To open NRI Demat account, submit:

  • Copy of passport, visa, work permit
  • Indian and foreign address proof
  • PAN card, photographs
  • NRO bank account details
  • PIS permission letter (for PIS accounts)

Charges and Fees

The good news is Fyers NRI accounts are completely free to open with zero account maintenance or brokerage charges!

Check Fyers official page for full details on NRI account charges.

Convenient Online Account Opening Procedure

Fyers online process for NRI Demat account opening is fast and convenient:

Step 1: Login to NRI portal with email & OTP

Step 2: Enter personal details. they will contact you for supporting in account opening process

Step 3: Provide address, bank details etc

Step 4: Upload video for IPV verification

Step 5: Download, sign & courier documents

Step 6: Account activation in a few working days!

And you're all set to invest in India from abroad.

Start your NRI account opening journey

So ditch the painful offline procedures and open your NRI Demat hassle-free digitally with Fyers today!

You can refer video in our youtube channel for more details in Malayalam.

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