Upstox Introduces Readymade Option Strategies: A Guide for New Traders

A Simplified Guide to Trading Options using Upstox’s Ready-Made Strategies

Options trading allows you to profit in all market conditions but building strategies can get complicated. Upstox makes it easy with pre-defined ready-made option strategies tailored to your market direction prediction.

This beginner's guide will teach you how to use ready-made strategies to trade options seamlessly. Read on to understand features, choose strategies, place orders and more.

What are Ready-Made Option Strategies by Upstox?

Upstox’s ready-made option strategies are pre-built combinations of call and put options designed to match your prediction on market movement.

It offers tools like:

  • Interactive profit/loss graphs - Visually understand payouts
  • Insights on profit probability - Assess risk better
  • Predefined strategies - No expertise needed to build complex spreads
  • Group order tracking - Monitor strategy performance holistically

Now even new traders can reap benefits of options trading in all market situations easily.

Getting Started with Ready-Made Strategies

Access ready-made strategies on Upstox app via:

  • Nifty/Bank Nifty options page
  • Option chain page

Currently only available for Nifty and Bank Nifty indices. Support for stocks coming soon.

How to Pick a Strategy in 3 Steps

readymade option strategies in upstion

Follow these 3 easy steps to use ready-made option strategies:

Step 1) Predict market direction (bullish, bearish etc)

Step 2) Select expiry (weekly/monthly)

Step 3) Get curated strategies with insights on risk metrics like:

  • Probability of profit
  • Maximum profit/loss
  • Margin required

Switch between high & low risk strategies as per your appetite.

Key Benefits of Using Ready-Made Strategies

Upstox’s ready-made option strategies make trading simple via:

Predefined spreads - No expertise needed

Interactive P&L graphs - Visually understand payouts before placing order

Group order tracking - Monitor complete strategy as single trade

Market direction based - Strategies tailored to your outlook

Start using ready-made option strategies to simplify options trading today!

This feature will definitely be a big help for new traders who want to benefit from selling options. You can find many pre-curated option strategies based on risk you set. You can see probability of profit or loss and other details in that page itself. An interactive payoff graph is also given there. Multi leg order placement will help you to punch multiple orders at same time which is necessary in option selling strategies. 

Before selecting readymade option strategy, you need to be sure about market trend (Bullish, bearish, neutral or sideways market). Then you can see a list of option. Analyse risk associated with each and select any one to trade. 

I have given a youtube video above about same from our youtube channel. Please check it.

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