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FYERS Discount Brokerage - Platforms, Pricing and Thematic Investing

Fyers is one of the youngest discount broker in India found by 3 brothers. FYERS word is acronym for Focus Your Energy and Reform Yourself. Fyers is a Bangalore based company. Their aim is to provide best technology platforms to traders in India. I think they succeeded in it to a point. They have one of the best platforms for web, desktop and mobile. We will discuss about fyers trading platforms in detail later.

Here we discuss few things about this discount broker, ranging from account opening process, trading platform, brokerage and thematic investing.

Fyers account opening process

Fyers account opening process is completely online. You can open trading and demat account online by filling online account opening form in this link : Fyers

Fyers offers a seamless digital account opening process for clients to activate trading and demat accounts online. The form filling involves basic personal and banking details along with an Aadhaar-based eKYC authentication eliminating physical paperwork.

The video guide provided on our youtube channel provides a helpful step-by-step demonstration for navigating through each section such as personal information, preference selection, nominee details etc.

Additionally, the online form integrates with various payment gateways to complete the initial funding requirement instantly across Netbanking, UPI or card transactions.

Overall, the paperless digital account activation experience emphasizes Fyers' positioning as a contemporary technology-focused stockbroker relative to traditional brokers still reliant on offline form submissions and verification procedures.

Documents needed for account opening

  • PAN Card (Mandatory)
  • ID Proof - Voter ID, Aadhar card.
  • Address Proof - Passport, Aadhar card, Driving License.
  • Passport sized photographs.
  • Cancelled Cheque.


Fyers account opening charges

Fyers demat and trading account opening charge is Rs.400+GST now. It was free till March 2020.

Fyers demat account AMC charges

Annual maintenance charge or AMC is free in fyers for those who opened account before April 1 2020. New customers have to pay AMC of Rs.300. Fyers recently started their own demat account. They decided to keep AMC charge free at that time. Annual maintenance charge is an amount charged by brokers yearly for maintenance of demat account. Normally these charges ranges from Rs. 150 to 600+.

Update : Currently AMC charge is free in fyers. There is no update about timeframe for this offer. 

Fyers brokerage charges

Brokerage charges in fyers is almost same as that in other leading discount brokers like zerodha and upstox. They charge 0.03 or Rs. 20 per order whichever is lower for intraday trades. For F&O segment also they charge Rs. 20 per order only.  Detailed table of charges is given below.

Equity Delivery FREE!
Equity Intraday ₹20 per executed order or 0.03% (Whichever is lower)
Futures ₹20 per executed order or 0.03% (Whichever is lower)
Options ₹20 per executed order
Call & Trade Services ₹20 per executed order
Admin Square Off Charges ₹20 per executed order
Thematic Investing

Sell/Exit, Re-balance, Modify

₹100 or 2% (Whichever is lower)

Fyers 30 day challenge

The Fyers 30 Day Challenge offers traders an engaging contest to demonstrate consistent profitability skills. Participants need to achieve net positive returns across their intraday and delivery segments for 30 consecutive days. Winners receive full brokerage refunds for the challenge period along with merit certificates denoting their achievement streaks.

Adding an element of motivation, Fyers introduced badge awards based on successive wins milestones. Certificates highlight the number of wins accrued as well as the best winning streak showcasing skills progression.

Overall, the 30 Day Challenge incentivizes developing sustainable trading competencies through goal-oriented practice. It enables participants to recover brokerage costs through proficiency. For Fyers, the initiative helps attract and retain serious traders on its platforms.

Fyers trading platform

Fyers provide trading solutions for web platform, desktop platform and mobile platform uses. All these platforms are feature rich and developed keeping traders in mind. They have all the tools and option for analysis, screening and quick trading. 

Fyers web platform

Fyers web platform is developed from trading view platform. They have similar interface to tradingview. Tradingview charts are one the best charts available online for trading community. Fyers web platform have all time frames needed for a trader. It has all popular indicators also. They have 6 varieties of pivot points available in web platform. Other major thing to note at top is 30 day challenge, add fund and accounts button. 

You can customize chart in whichever way you want. Options are similar to trading view and change theme as you like. Its watch list segment has option to add multiple watch lists and rename it whatever you want. This will be very handy to keep different watch list for different purpose.

Fyers desktop platform - Fyers One

Fyers One offers a robust desktop trading interface with powerful analytics including:

F&O Analysis Tools - Options strategy builder, implied volatility screener, open interest tracker.

Technical Screeners – Inbuilt screeners for trends, price patterns, support/resistance.

Advanced EOD Reports – Multi-scrip analysis, performance attribution.

Heat Map – Visually identify market breadth and sectors trending up/down.

Market Dynamics & Index Meter – Assess volatility, advance-decline data, global cues influencing market direction.

Portfolio Simulation – Upload portfolio to track investments on customizable dashboard.

Flexible Workspaces – Ten intuitive and customizable workspace layouts.

Resourceful Data – FII/DII flows, bulk deals, block deals, delivery percentages.

Full Overview – Historical and real-time turnover across equity and derivatives.

Knowledge First - Exchange announcements, upcoming corporate events.

Market 360 Degrees – Holistic market data across equities, commodities, currencies, ADRs.

By consolidating multidimensional information, advanced analytics and trade execution in one platform, Fyers One delivers a powerful desktop experience for informed analysis and decision making.

Fyers mobile platform

Fyers App

  • Stability & Speed: Fast, reliable interface for quick order execution and intuitive navigation.

  • Enhanced Features: Sophisticated charting, multi-leg order capabilities, calculations, alerts.

Fyers EA App

  • Trade Innovations: Early access to latest trading features before public rollout.

  • Smart Exit Alert: Account-level stoploss alerts to automatically manage trade risks.

  • Good Till Triggered (GTT) Orders: Set trigger price for pending F&O orders, no need for constant monitoring.

Additional Capabilities

  • TradingView Charts: Advanced visual analysis with popular global charting tools.

  • Watchlist-specific News: Real-time news tailored to user-defined watchlists.

By providing reliable performance supplemented with constant innovation pipelines for early feedback, Fyers mobile apps cater to modern trading demands effectively. The apps complement the powerful desktop platform.

Fyers recently updated its mobile application. Read more about new mobile app here  fyers mobile app detailed review.

Fyers direct mutual fund platform

Aligning with its technology-first ethos, Fyers recently introduced a Direct Mutual Fund investing platform - Fyers Direct - facilitating paperless investments into schemes of leading AMCs at zero commission.

By providing a simplified digital experience comparable to specialist investment apps, Fyers Direct makes purchasing direct plans of mutual funds convenient alongside its existing stockbroking solutions.

Key highlights include intuitive dashboard to manage transactions, explore schemes and track portfolios. Investors can initiate lumpsum purchases, set up SIPs with flexibility to pause or cancel anytime. Emandate registration also eliminates paperwork.

Overall, Fyers Direct supplements core trading services by diverging into passive investment channels preferred by long term investors seeking lower costs and better returns. The mutual fund platform aims significant user acquisition supported by promotional offers.

Fyers direct fund platform : Fyers Direct

Fyers thematic investing

Fyers Thematic Investing 2.0 offers investors a unique avenue to participate in secular growth trends by providing pre-made baskets of stocks aligned to themes like digitalization, electric vehicles, API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) etc. These thematic portfolios aim to simplify investing for individuals by outsourcing stock research and portfolio construction to experts. The ready baskets spare time while leveraging specialized domain knowledge. Investors can deploy capital into specialized themes forecasted to outperform markets over long horizons. Themes derive from mega trends transforming industries globally. Additionally, the ability to customize market cap filters or weightings caters the offerings to specific preferences.

Periodic rebalancing and update of stock constitutions by analysts ensures portfolios remain relevant despite evolving dynamics. Thematic investing thereby acts as a passive investment channel for gaining exposure to structural shifts powering economic growth. For Fyers, the platform diversifies revenue streams beyond active traders to long-term investors seeking differentiated offerings. The thematic portfolios enhance customer lifetime value.

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