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Fyers Account opening to trading platform review

FYERS All you want to know

Fyers is one of the youngest discount broker in India found by 3 brothers. FYERS word is acronym for Focus Your Energy and Reform Yourself.
Fyers is a Bangalore based company. Their aim is to provide best technology platforms to traders in India. I think they succeeded in it to a point. They have one of the best platforms for web, desktop and mobile. We will discuss about fyers trading platforms in detail later.

Here we discuss few things about this discount broker, ranging from account opening process, trading platform, brokerage and thematic investing.

Fyers account opening process

Fyers account opening process is completely online. You can open trading and demat account online by filling online account opening form in this link : Fyers

Form filling is a simple process. You can refer this video to fill fyers account opening form.


Fyers account opening link

Documents needed for account opening

  • PAN Card (Mandatory)
  • ID Proof - Voter ID, Aadhar card.
  • Address Proof - Passport, Aadhar card, Driving License.
  • Passport sized photographs.
  • Cancelled Cheque.

Fyers account opening charges

Fyers demat and trading account opening charge is Rs.400+GST now. It was free till March 2020.

Fyers demat account AMC charges

Annual maintenance charge or AMC is free in fyers for those who opened account before April 1 2020. New customers have to pay AMC of Rs.300. Fyers recently started their own demat account. They decided to keep AMC charge free at that time. Annual maintenance charge is an amount charged by brokers yearly for maintenance of demat account. Normally these charges ranges from Rs. 150 to 600+.

Fyers brokerage

Brokerage charges in fyers is almost same as that in other leading discount brokers like zerodha and upstox. They charge 0.03 or Rs. 20 per order whichever is lower for intraday trades. For F&O segment also they charge Rs. 20 per order only.  Detailed table of charges is given below.

Equity Delivery

Equity Intraday
 ₹20 per executed order or 0.03% (Whichever is lower)

 ₹20 per executed order or 0.03% (Whichever is lower)

 ₹20 per executed order

Call & Trade Services
 ₹20 per executed order

Admin Square Off Charges
 ₹20 per executed order

Thematic Investing

Sell/Exit, Re-balance, Modify

₹100 or 2% (Whichever is lower)

Fyers 30 day challenge

Fyers 30 day challenge is a  contest run by fyers for traders. To win this challenge you just need to be net profitable for 30 days. If you win you will get brokerage refund for the same period. You will also receive a certificate also for each challenge.
Recently fyers brought few updates to this. They introduced badges based on number of wins in a row. Winner's certificate now mentions the number of times you have won the challenges and best winning streak.

Fyers trading platform

Fyers provide trading solutions for web platform, desktop platform and mobile platform uses. All these platforms are feature rich and developed keeping traders in mind. They have all the tools and option for analysis, screening and quick trading. 

Fyers web platform

Fyers web platform is developed from trading view platform. They have similar interface to tradingview. Tradingview charts are one the best charts available online for trading community. Fyers web platform have all time frames needed for a trader. It has all popular indicators also. They have 6 varieties of pivot points available in web platform. Other major thing to note at top is 30 day challenge, add fund and accounts button. 

You can customize chart in whichever way you want. Options are similar to trading view and change theme as you like.

 Its watch list segment has option to add multiple watch lists and rename it whatever you want. This will be very handy to keep different watch list for different purpose.

Watch this video review of fyers trading platforms

Fyers desktop platform

Fyers desktop platform is called fyers one. It is one of the best and advanced trading platform. It is similar to upstox dart stock. We will discuss its features and more details in another post.

Fyers mobile platform

Fyers provide a feature rich mobile platform called fyers markets. Fyers mobile application's few features include daily movers, volume shockers, indexes and sectors performance shown with graphical representation. This app also have intraday screener for stocks, option greeks and an option strategy planner.

Fyers recently updated its mobile application. Read more about new mobile app here fyers mobile app detailed review

Watch this video to know more about fyers mobile app.

Fyers direct mutual fund platform

Fyers recently launched direct mutual fund investing platform. Using fyers direct , now you can buy direct mutual funds. Direct mutual funds helps you to save commitions.

To know more about benefits of direct mutual fund and investing through fyers, please watch this video given below.
Fyers direct fund platform : Fyers Direct

Use this time stamp to skip to topics you need 

0:00 Intro 0:55 What is direct mutual fund 1:15 What is regular mutual fund 2:32 Difference between direct fund and regular fund 2:60 Fyers direct mutual fund 3:30 How much you can save with direct mutual fund Calculator 4:22 Why investing in direct mutual fund makes sense. 4:50 Analyse and study best mutual funds in India 5:00 Find multi year returns of a mutual fund and find mutual funds with highest historical returns. 5:10 Find portfolio of a mutual fund 5:30 Compare mutual funds

Fyers thematic investing
Fyers investing share market malayalamEven though fyers platforms are trader friendly, they provide an excellent tool for investors in the form of thematic investing.

Thematic investment is very useful for people who dont have time and expertise to research and select stocks for investment. Fyers relaunched this last month with the name Thematic investing 2.0.  Using thematic investing you can invest without doing in dept research and all. It allows you to invest in themes or ready made portfolios. They are a group of stocks made based on a theme. You can also customize these themes to suit your needs.


Fyers account opening link

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