Fyers mobile trading app detailed review

Fyers mobile application detailed review

Fyers mobile app

Fyers is one of the fastest growing discount broker in India. They always tried to provide technologically advanced trading tools for traders and investors. Fyers web and fyers one are web and desktop trading platforms of fyers. You can read a detailed review of fyers here.

Fyers recently launched its new upgraded mobile app. Fyers mobile app is available in both android and IOS.

Fyers mobile application login

For logging in, you have to enter your id, password and date of birth or pan card number for the first time. After that you can set bio metric or pattern as simple login options.

Fyers mobile app interface

You can also try the app without opening account. If you want to open a free fyers account, you can use our link. 

You will get all support needed if you use our link to open account.

open fyers account

Watchlist tab in fyers mobile app

Once you logged in first thing you notice is watchlist. You can add 50 stocks in a watchlist. You can add, delete or edit watchlist names as per your need. 

fyers mobile app watchlist

At top you can see a search box which you can use to search and add stocks to watchlist. You can click the the stock in watchlist to get more details about that stock. This pahe has details like open, high, low, close, market depth, corporate actions etc. There is a chart button to open stock chart in full screen. 

fyers mobile app order window

Reasearch tool and technical meter tools in fyers mobile app

There is a research tool and technical meter tool below that. Research tool is very useful tool for investers and traders. You can find technical and fundamental details about that company in that part. This page has most of the fundamental datas, ratios and ownership pattern you needed to analyse a company. You can find recent news section where you can find latest news related to that company.
Using technical meter tool you can find stock trends in various time frames.

fyers mobile app interface

Order book in fyers mobile app

Fyers order book is similar to that we see in other broker apps like zerodha kite or upstox pro. Intraday, CNC or cash and carry (for equity), Margin (for F&O), Bracket order (BO) and Cover order (CO) is available. Next thing you have to select is order type. Limit order, market order, Stoploss and stoploss market order are available in order type. You can find margin required and available margin in order book itself.
AMO or after market order is also available in advanced order section.

fyers mobile app order window design

Other features

You can find your pending and executed orders in open tab. Intraday positions and demat holding are shown in portfolio tab.

Next tab is for showing linked apps. Price alerts and IPO page links, tradingview widgets are there. Another useful feature in this app is, you can set default preferences for order book in settings section.
We have a seperate page for listing latest IPO list. You can check that to apply for latest IPOs available.

Chart in fyers mobile application

As in fyers web, fyers mobile app also have tradingview charts. You can find almost all tools and indicators you need for chart analysis here. Another useful feature is that, you can access same chart with all drawings which you saved in fyers web, in your fyers mobile app. 
Another useful feature in fyers mobile application chart section is, you can open 3 charts simultaneously and scroll between them.

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