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What is after market order (AMO) in zerodha

After market order or AMO order

AMO Order

After market order is an advanced order which helps traders/investors to place buy/sell orders after regular market hour. All other things related to order placing is same. The only difference is you are placing it after regular market hour. Zerodha sends these AMO orders to exchange, next day on market opening. This facility is very helpful for those who can't track market in regular market hours between 9.15 AM to 3.30 PM. 

How to place an AMO order in zerodha

The procedure to buy/sell a stock using AMO order is similar to steps involved in normal order. In zerodha kite, you need to click buy or sell button first. Then click more to see AMO order optiom. In the above secreen shot of zerodha order book, you can see AMO order option. You can use that to place an afrer market order or AMO order in zerodha.
I have shown th screenshot of zerodha kite in this example. But procedure is same in all brokers like alice blue, fyers etc.

AMO order In zerodha timing

For equity segment, you can place AMO order anytime between 3.45 PM to 8.57 AM for NSE and  3.45 PM to 8.59 AM for BSE. For F&O segment, you can place order till 9.10 AM. For currency segment AMO order timing in zerodha is between 3.45 PM to 8.59 AM. 

You are allowed to place after market order or AMO between these times only. AMO order placed in market hours will be rejected.

In commodity segment, you can place AMO order in commodity segment anytime during the day. But order will be sent to exchange at 9 AM (commodity market MCX opening time). So all order placed before 9 AM will be sent to exchange on same day on market opening. AMO orders placed after 9 AM will be sent to exchange next day.

Now we will discuss some other order types a trader should know about - pre market order and post market order. It will help you understand the difference between these order and after market order (AMO).

Zerodha account opening

Pre market order

Morning 9 AM to 9.15 AM is known as pre market session. You can place pre market orders in the first 8 minutes of this premarket session. You can place both market and regular order in pre market session. Between 9.08 AM to 9.15 AM these orders are matched and trades are confirmed.
Pre market order is only available for equity segment. 

Post market order

Post market session is open between 3.40 PM to 4.00 PM.  You can place equity delivery buy and sell calls in this session. All orders will be executed at closing price only. Its a less active session. You can place orders only in equity segment and only CNC delivery orders.

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