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Price action trading Part 1 Trend Analysis

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Whats is price action

We Teqmo Charts - share market malayalam, started a new series in our youtube channel on topic p4ice action trading. Price action analysis and trading is a vast subject. We will try to make a few videos of some of the concepts in price action trading.

Those who are into share market or technical analysis might have heard this word many times and tried to find what is price action and learn it. There aren't many free resourses available on this topic. Price action traders analyse charts based on purely price. They avoid all indicators and all. We know indicators are derivatives of price or volume. They may use candlestick analysis, price patterns etc to analyse a chart.

Trends, Uptrend, Downtrend, sideways consolidation

This video in malayalam explains basic structure of a trend. It explains different trends like up trend, down trend, side ways or consolidation and basic structures of these trends.
when price is forming higher highs and higer lows, it called uptrend. Down trend is just opposite of this. Price forms lower highs and lower lows in a down trend.
Video also explains signs of trend reversal and its confirmation signals.


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