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What is TPIN in Upstox | POA | EDIS

TPIN is a 4 digit identification number a non POA customer has to enter to authenticate a sell transaction. TPIN replaced OTP based edis which was used by non POA customers to sell their stocks. Almost all brokers including upstox and zerodha introduced this feature for their non POA customers. You will receive your TPIN in your registered email/mobile number from CDSL. CDSL recently brought some updates to TPIN based sell procedure to make it more secure. You can read about it in last section of this post. 

Share market Malayalam YouTube channel's this video is about power of attorney POA, eDIS, TPIN. It also explains the difference between a trading account and demat account. Time stamp 0:00 Intro 1:00 Difference between trading account and demat account 1:40 What is power of attorney or POA 2:20 What is DIS 3:05 What is eDis 3:58 What is TPIN

How to generate TPIN in upstox

As we discussed above we need TPIN to sell a share in upstox. You can generate TPIN in two ways. First method is using upstox itself. To generate TPIN in upstox, follow steps below,

  1. First open profile/my account section.
  2. Click and go to the Account section.
  3. Click on Power Of Attorney.
  4. Select the get new PIN’ button from there.
  5. You will receive the TPIN from CDSL via SMS and email. This TPIN won’t expire until you generate a new one.
Second method is by using CDSL TPIN Generation website. For that first you have to note down your BO ID (Demat account number) and Pan number. You can find this BO ID from profile section in your upstox mobile app or in CDSL TPIN box (which opens to enter TPIN while selling a stock from your demat). If you are using mobile app, after logging in click on icon at top left corner, then click on your name. You can find your 16-digit Demat account number or BO ID there. If you are using pro web, you can access this number by clicking on ‘My account’ section.

Steps to generate TPIN using CDSL website is explained below.

  1. Go to CDSL TPIN page : https://edis.cdslindia.com/home/generatepin
  2. Enter your BO ID  and PAN number.
  3. After submitting these details, CDSL will send you an OTP on your registered mobile number, 
  4. Enter the OTP.
  5. CDSL will now send you the TPIN via SMS and email on your registered mobile number and email ID. 

Recent updates in TPIN based selling process

From 21 February 2021, there was some updates in TPIN authorization process. Now onwards you will get an OTP also while selling a stock. You have to enter both TPIN and OTP to authorize transaction. You will receive this OTP in your registered mobile number and email.

Another major update was about validity of TPIN authorization. From now onwards you will have to authorize with TPIN same day you sell a stock. Till now TPIN authorization validity was 90 days. But from now TPIN authorization will be valid only for 1 day.







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