A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying and Selling Shares

Upstox is your go-to platform for hassle-free stock trading online. With its user-friendly interface, it makes buying and selling shares a breeze. In this guide, we'll break down the steps in a simple way, so whether you're a beginner or an experienced trader, navigating the world of stocks on Upstox is a piece of cake. From understanding order types to securing your transactions with a TPIN, we've got you covered. Let's demystify the process and make your stock trading journey smooth and straightforward with Upstox!

How to buy a share in Upstox

Buying and selling a share in upstox is explained below.
  • Click on the stock you want to buy
  • Click Buy or B button
Upstox trading platform interface

  • In the order box enter quantity you want to buy and select product ( Intraday or Delivery ) as per your requirement.
  • Select whether you want to place a limit order or market order.
  • Click place buy order and confirm your order.
  • You can check order status from orders tab.
  • Once order is processed you can see your stocks in positions tab.

Upstox order window.webp

How to sell a share in Upstox 

Selling shares on Upstox has been made easy through their robust digital platform. The stock investment platform offers a streamlined process for investors to liquidate assets and lock in returns simply and conveniently online.

When investment stocks are bought, they are displayed in different locations on the Upstox dashboard, depending on the intention to hold them for short or long term. For day trading or intraday purchases, the shares bought will reflect in the "Positions" tab, whereas purchases intended to be held for longer durations, will be visible in the "Holdings" section linked to the assigned demat account.

To short sell shares in an intraday buying strategy to capitalize on near term price volatility, simply browse to the intended stock from the dynamic dashboard, and click the ‘Sell’ (S) button alongside. This will navigate to the order placement window, where traders must input the quantity of shares they wish to sell, along with specifying key details like order type as ‘intraday’ before previewing and final submission.

The Upstox platform supports added flexibility, by providing both ‘market’ and ‘limit’ order mechanisms. Market orders allow immediate execution of trades at the prevailing market price – suitable when liquidity is crucial. Whereas limit sell orders allow traders to specify target prices, enabling profitable exits if stock prices appreciate to those levels in future.

By integrating seamless share selling functionalities across web and mobile apps, Upstox empowers retail stock market investors to react swiftly to price movements, book profits, cut losses, or churn their trading capital efficiently via stock liquidation when prudent. The process has been designed while prioritizing simplicity and practical ease-of-use.

How to sell a share in upstox

If you are selling a stock from your demat holding, you need to enter TPIN. The TPIN adds a layer of security and protects holdings from unauthorized selling. It is a 6 digit numerical password that must be set by account holders during initial onboarding. If you forgot your TPIN, you can generate it easily by using the method explained below.

To sell a share from holdings follow procedure explained below,

How to generate TPIN in Upstox 

We already written a detailed post about what is TPIN and how to generate it. You can read that first What is TPIN and how to generate TPIN. You can generate TPIN easily with methods explained in that post.

Another method is explained below.
  • Click sell button. 
  • A new window asking for TPIN will be displayed. Enter you TPIN there.
  • If you don't have TPIN, Note down BO ID from that page and click generate TPIN. 
  • In the next page you will have to enter your your BO ID and Pan card number.
  • Enter OTP which will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • New TPIN will be generated and will be sent to your registered mobile number and email ID.
  • Now try to sell the stock from holdings and enter your TPIN there to approve transaction.

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