How to apply for IPO in Upstox

Upstox, a leading discount broker in India have dedicated IPO portal. You can acces this through web or mobile application. I have explained step by step process of IPO application using upstox below.

Before few years there was only 2 ways to apply for an IPO - offline and ASBA. For applying through offline process, you had to collect IPO application form from your broker. Then fill it and submit. 

We have posted couple of posts about IPO application using ASBA. You can use your bank's net banking portal for that. 

IPO application using UPI was started recently. Now all leading brokers have provisions in their platform to apply for IPO using UPI method. Upstox also have and IPO application portal where you can apply using UPI transaction method.

IPO application process using Upstox

Before applying you should note down you DP id and UPI id. It is using UPI method of transaction. So UPI is must.  

  • Upstox have a dedicated IPO portal Upstox IPO . You can apply easily using this portal. 
  • It will show all the IPOs currently available. Or you can also check Latest IPOs this week page in our blog to find upcoming IPOs in this week.
  • You need to select which IPO you want to apply.
  • You will find all details about that IPO in this page.
  • Click apply fill details like bid price, quantity and payment details.
  • Submit
  • Don't forget to approve transaction in your UPI app for this transaction. 

If you dont have an upstox account use link given below.

You can apply for IPO through Upstox IPO web portal or Upstox pro mobile app also. 

You can watch this video in Malayalam about applying for IPO using Upstox to know more. This video explains step by step procedure of applying for IPO using Upstox.  -







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