Upstox Pro discount broker All you want to know

Upstox Pro discount broker All you want to know

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Upstox Pro

Upstox is a leading discount broker in India and one of the fastest growing discount broker. Ratan Tata invested in this company a few years ago. Recently Tiger global invested 25 million in upstox. It is growing fast with cutting edge technology and low brokerage and gaining market share. Upstox added 1 lakh clients in December month 2020 only. They are providing some of the best trading platforms for traders and investors and making it better with frequent updates. Upstox pro is upstox web trading platform.

Things I liked about upstox are,

  • Clean web interface with good charts. 
  • Basket order for option orders which is very useful for multi leg order placements.
  • Simple and user-friendly mobile application.
  • Free account opening and low brokerage.
  • Complete online account opening process.

How to open demat account in upstox or upstox account opening process

To trade in share market or commodity or currency market, you need a trading account. To buy and hold a share in share market you need a demat account also. You can easily open your trading and demat account with upstox by filling their account opening form. Link is given below. 

Upstox account opening process is completely online and you can open trading and demat account in a few minutes by going to the link given below.

7 Steps to open upstox demat account

  1. Visit Upstox account opening page
  2. Fill email and mobile number
  3. Fill personal details, bank details, pan card details
  4. Upload photo and signature, bank statement (only for f&o)
  5. Esign with adhar OTP
  6. Upload IPV video if asked.
  7. You will get unique id and password as email.

Your account will be activated in 24-48 hours. You will get your upstox user id login details in your email.

Is sending POA and nominee form mandatory ?

Its upto you whether you want to send hard copy of POA or power of attorney and nominee form. Power of attorney or POA makes it easier to sell a share from your holding. But if you didnt courier hard copy of POA, you can buy and sell shares with eDIS facility of Upstox by filling OTP during selling a stock. So its not a big issue and its more safe. There is a limit of Rs. 20 Lakhs per order. eDIS is applicable only in delivery trades.
In case of nominee form it is better to send it. 

Upstox account opening charges

Currently there an offer to open upstox demat account completely free if you open account with registered partners link. You can use our link to open free demat and trading account with upstox.

While account opening charges are usually in the range of ₹500-₹700 for full-service brokers, Upstox has highly competitive pricing models for retail investors.

Under their standard pricing policy, opening a regular Upstox trading + demat account costs ₹0 (Account opening) + ₹150 (Trading account activation). This itself is among the lowest account opening costs offered by popular discount brokers today like Zerodha, Groww, Angel One etc.

However, Upstox also runs exciting promotional offers from time to time making the account creation absolutely free. For example, if you join Upstox via their registered partner links, you can open a fully free demat and trading account without any account opening or activation charges. This provides additional incentive to open your long-term investing & trading portfolio with Upstox to save costs.


Open upstox account

Documents required to open upstox account

  • Any one Identity Proof like Pan card, adhar card, passport, voter id, driving license, any id card issued by central or state government.
  • Address proof.
  • Bank account proof like cancelled cheque with your name printed on it or Passbook with IFSC Copy.
  • Any income proof like bank statement or ITR, salary certificate etc ( For F&O and Commodity Segment ).

Upstox annual maintenance or amc charges

Upstox charge very low amc charge or annual maintenance charge. It was Rs.150. But from January 2020, they updated it. Now monthly Maintenance Charges for Demat Account is per month basis. Customer has to pay monthly maintenance charges of Rs.25 + GST i.e. Rs.29.50/- each month. Henceforth there will be no AMC for Demat Account only MMC or monthly maintainance charge will be applicable. These charges will be debited in advance from the customer. (Eg. Charges for the month of February will be deducted in start of the month). These charges are applicable for New as well as existing customer's. MMC charges will be debited from the Trading Account.

Update Upstox Monthly maintenance charge or MMC

Currently there is an offer running. You can open account for free and zero or free AMC now. This is a limited time offer.

Is Upstox CDSL or NSDL?

Many of our readers asked whether Upstox open dp account in NSDL or CDSL. Upstox is depository participant (DP) or CDSL. Once you open account you will recieve your tpin from CDSL.

Upstox trading platforms and mobile app

Upstox provides a feature rich web platform - Upstox pro web, leading desktop trading platforms like NEST and DART trader.

Upstox pro web is a popular trading platform with many features. Upstox pro web platform is customisable. Not many brokers provide a customisable interface for trading in India. It has a good chart with all indicators and tools needed for analysis. Upstox pro web also have trade from chart facility which is very useful for traders. They Recently they introduced dark theme in upstox pro web, which many people liked. Dark themed apps are todays trend and upstox pro web have it.

Upstox mobile app is also very smooth and work in almost all mobile. Upstox mobile app also have a good chart with all indicators and drawing tools for analysis. I have written another blogpost about mobile platform. Check it Upstox pro mobile. There is also a video of this mobile platform there. Its smooth functioning help to trade intraday, future and options (f&o), commodity etc from mobile itself. You can try demo version of upstox mobile app and trading platform to test before opening account.

Upstox app for windows

Upstox has desktop platforms for all type of traders based on their need. Upstox desktop platforms are nest trader, fox trader and dart stock. Nest and dart stock trader platforms are provided for free. Nest is best for fast order placing and trading. But Dart stock and fox trader are advanced platforms with features useful for all type of traders including intraday, positional and futures and options. Fox trader is an advanced tool for traders. Upstox provide this platform for clients for a small fee. Fox trader is very useful for advanced charting, analysis, automation and back testing your strategies.

How to buy and sell stocks in upstox

Upstox has a very simple user interface. You can easily buy and sell shares using this platform. Step by step procedure of buying and selling a share and process of generating TPIN for selling shares in demat account is explained in this blog post. Please check it.
How to buy and sell shares in Upstox

Upstox Mutual fund platform

Using upstox mutual fund platform you can buy mutual funds. More than 2000 mutual funds are available in this platform. You can use it to analyze and study about various mutual funds. Multi year returns, portfolio and all other details of mutual funds are give in this platform.

Upstox International

Upstox is planning to launch a platform for investing in international markets. To read more about this check this post in oun website : Upstox International .

Other features

Upsrox provides complex order types like cover order, bracket order etc. Upstox also support bucket order, api services etc.
Cover order and bracket order is a popular feature in trading platforms. Bracket helps to put both limit, stoploss and target order in one order. Cover order comes with limit and stoploss together.
Bracket order in Upstox is called OCO order. You can find this option under order complexity feature in upstox pro web and mobile application.

Upstox GTT order charges

GTT or Good Till Triggered orders allow traders to preset multiple conditional orders for automated execution in the future. You can use GTT to place an intraday/delivery equity or F&O trade order and simultaneously attach stop-loss plus target orders to it.

Here is how GTT orders work:

First, you set a trigger price for your intended main trade. This trigger stage is in wait mode and the order shows as ‘Scheduled’. Once the underlying asset price reaches your preset trigger, the main order gets fired as a limit order on the exchange.

Along with the main trigger order, you can also define trigger prices and actions for attaching an SL and target order at the time of GTT creation itself. But these secondary SL & target legs will activate only after the main order executes on trigger.

The key benefits of GTT orders are - 1) automated order placement on price trigger, 2) single order placement instead of manual tracking 3) defining advance risk management via auto SL-target. This frees you from continuous order monitoring.

GTT orders are applicable for intraday and delivery trades. No additional charges apply on GTT orders beyond the basic brokerage charges. The costs would be exactly similar if you placed these as separate normal orders vs a bundled GTT order. However, GTT streamlines order management through automation.

So if you have a directional price expectation but want hands-free execution, GTT orders are the perfect tool for intraday and positional traders on Indian markets.

Upstox fund withdrawal time and fund adding time

You can add fund or withdraw any time. But it will take some time to credit in you bank account. Lets check all these in detail.
Upstox offers two convenient modes to withdraw your funds from the trading account to your linked bank account - Instant and Standard withdrawals.

The Instant withdrawal facility allows you to withdraw between ₹100 to ₹5 lakhs per day instantly within 15 minutes. To use this, your bank must support IMPS transfers, you should have no open positions and no utilized margin. The fast withdrawals via IMPS work on trading days from 10AM to 6PM only. During non-trading hours, instant payouts also follow next day Standard withdrawal timelines.

Standard withdrawals can be initiated for any amount starting ₹100 anytime, which get credited to your bank by next trading day 3PM based on the request timeline. If requested before 8AM on trading days, funds are credited same day while requests after 8AM get paid next trading day. For non-trading days like weekends and bank holidays, funds get paid to your account by 3PM on the next active trading day.

So in summary:

Instant - ₹100 to ₹5 lakhs, within 15 mins on trading days from 10AM-6PM
Standard - Any amount, by 3PM next trading day depending on request timeline

There are no charges applicable for both instant and standard withdrawals. You can modify or cancel standard withdrawal requests until processed unlike instant payout. Also note funds may have a additional settlement delay during extended non-trading periods, in which case wait until day end for funds to reflect.

Choose the suitable Upstox withdrawal mode based on your liquidity needs!

Upstox brokerage charges

Upstox equity delivery charge is 0 and 0.01 or Rs.20 whichever is smaller for intraday similar to zerodha. For brokerage calculation You can use upstox brokerage calculator webpage. Brokerage structure is almost similar to other leading brokers like zerodha and fyers. These companies provide low brokerage with good reliable platform for traders. 

Update : Current brokerage charges are as given below

On Mutual Funds and IPOs Brokerage- ₹0. 

Equity Intraday, Currency & Commodity - ₹20 or 0.05% (whichever is lower) per order on Stocks. 

Equity Delivery - ₹20 or 2.5% (whichever is lower) per order on Stocks

Upstox futures and options charges - ₹20

Upstox leverage

Trading in stocks requires having sufficient capital to buy shares and benefit from price movements. However, many aspiring investors have limited funds which restrict their ability to take meaningful stock positions. This is where utilizing leverage provided by brokers can help amplify your trading capacity. But leverage is a double-edged sword - while it increases your profit potential during favorable price swings, it can also magnify losses if the market moves against you.

So how does leverage work? In simple terms, it allows investors to gain a larger market exposure than their existing capital would permit by borrowing additional funds from the broker. For example, if you want to trade worth ₹5 lakhs but only have ₹1 lakh in capital, your broker can provide 4x leverage by financing the remaining amount. This allows you to trade higher volumes through margin funding without fully owning the stocks. However, leverage also inflates risks because minor adverse moves can result in margin calls from brokers.

Therefore, understanding both the benefits and risks associated with leverage is crucial. Used judiciously, the power of leverage gives traders with limited capital the wings to trade bigger and compound profits faster. However, reckless use of high leverage also carries the threat of amplified losses that can even wipe out the existing capital. Treading the fine line between enhancing profitability and managing risks is key to successfully harnessing leverage in your market trading journey.

Upstox provide 20 times leverage in basic plan and 25 times in priority plan. It provides more leverage on cover order and bracket order. You can use upstox margin calculator for more details. Upstox also provide a pdf file for margin calculation in their web page which they update daily.

Update :  Indian exchanges including NSE and BSE have announced revisions to intraday leverage policies applicable across various stocks segment. These amended rules aim to standardize leverage facilities and margins required to trade shares intraday by aligning with the volatility and circuit limits imposed on them.

As per the latest circular, stocks that have less than 20% circuit limits imposed will have a maximum 1x leverage, requiring full upfront margin in trader's accounts. Stocks with over 20% circuit limits are now categorized into different leverage buckets based on their margin requirements:

Stocks with <=20% margin have a maximum 5x intraday leverage enabled. This means traders need to maintain only 20% margin to trade these stocks intraday.

Stocks with >20% and <=30% margin assigned 3x leverage, needing 33% margin.

Stocks with over 30% and <=50% margin get 2x leverage support with 50% margin.

Stocks above 50% margin also have 1x leverage necessitating full 100% margin.

These amendments are applicable starting 16th December 2021 across all stocks in the F&O segment as well as those from the EQ series of NIFTY500 index. The measures have been initiated keeping risk management for retail intraday traders as the prime focus. Brokers advise traders to maintain sufficient balance and track applicable leverage to ensure full regulatory adherence. The changes may impact high volume intraday traders and necessitate portfolio adjustments to align with new guidelines.

Upstox margin trading facility

Upstox provide margin trading facility in delivery traders for a small fee. Normally discount brokers dont have BTST or provide margin for delivery trades. ut upstox now provides it. 

Upstox mtf interest rate is ₹20/day for every slab of ₹40,000 taken as MTF. Pledging charges or the cost of pledging, as well as unpledging, is ₹20 + GST per scrip.

Upstox 3 in 1 account

Upstox partnered with Indusind bank to provide 3 in 1 account for traders and investors. 3 in 1 account integrates your savings, trading and demat accounts which will help to trade without moving fund from your savings account.

Upstox vs zerodha, upstox vs 5 paisa -

Even Though zerodha is leader, upstox has advantage of better platforms here. Comparing zerodha, 5 paisa, upstox mobile apps, upstox pro and zerodha are fastest and easy to load charts and trade.

Upstox contact details or Upstox customer care

You can contact upstox customer care through various options. The feature I liked most in their service is option to chat with customer care directly from their mobile app. You can find chat option in mobile app and clear doubts from mobile app itself while trading. You can also contact upstox through email or number provided on their website.

The main ways to get in touch with Upstox customer service are,

Email Support: 

You can email your queries to They are fairly responsive over email as well. 

Online Ticket/Chat:

Log in to your Upstox trading account, go to Help & Support section and raise a ticket. You can also start a live chat from there. 

You can also raise a ticket using this page in upstox official site - Upstox support contact - raise a ticket

You can also send a direct message with your issue on Twitter to @upstox. Their Twitter support is quite active in resolving customer queries based on previous responses. Trying any of these methods and providing the necessary account details should help you get your issues resolved quickly by the Upstox customer support team. Let me know if you need any other assistance regarding this.

Upstox backoffice or upstox keystone

Keystone is name of back office portal of Upstox. Upstox back office or upstox keystone is one of the most refined and fearure rich back office among brokers in India. Any new user can use it as it have a simple and user friendly interface.
You may not be able to find offices of discount brokers like zerodha, upstox in every city. For example in my city Kasaragod, you cant find upstox or zerodha office in kasaragod. Upstox has only one office in Kerala itself. So you can use our link and complete account opening online. Any one in Kasaragod in Kerala can visit our office also to open upstox account.

You can check How to use upstox mobile app tutorial post here :Upstox pro mobile application

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