How to open upstox demat account online if aadhar and mobile is not linked

Upstox e mudhra

How to open upstox demat account online if mobile number not linked with aadhaar

Most of the brokers now have online account opening. They use esign with adhar method to sign account opening documents. We have written a post about upstox online account opening process before.

But some of you may not have linked your adhar with mobile number or changed your mobile number and lost old one. For them only option till now was downloading the account opening form and sending hard copy through courier after signing it. For them upstox have brought an alternative method called E-mudhra to esign your documents with pan card amd mobile number and complete account opening online itself.

Following people can utilise this new e mudhra method to e-sign.

  • Whose mobile number and Aadhaar are not linked
  • Who have not received an OTP on their mobile number
  • The mobile number linked to their Aadhaar is not in service anymore or a different mobile number is linked to their Aadhaar.

During the account opening process, if you face any of the issue mentioned above while eSigning with Aadhaar, you can now eSign via eMudhra. This is an alternative to eSign via Aadhaar.

What is eMudhra?

Those who opened upstox account before will know that, we were using digio's adhar based esign service. eMudhra is a new PAN-based eSign service provider. It basically lets you digitally sign any form based on your PAN and mobile number.

How to esign with e mudra

The esigning process is slightly different if you have an account with another broker and if not. Those who do not have a demat account with another broker have some additional steps.

How to esign with emudra if you have a demat account with another broker?

Thos who want to open a free upstox account can use this link - Upstox account opening link . You can contact me for any account opening related doubts if you use this link.

To eSign with eMudra if you have a Demat account with another broker (that is not Upstox)

  1. Select e-Sign with eMudhra while opening your account.
  2. Follow instructions on the screen, select the PAN details options and enter the details as required.
  3. Upload required documents.
  4. Set a username and MPIN.
  5. Proceed to verify and record your In-Person Verification (IPV) video.
  6. On recording your IPV video, navigate back to the Upstox website and click on the continue button to eSign your Upstox account opening form.
  7. Click on 'Perform eSign’ after entering your MPIN and OTP.
  8. Navigate back to the Upstox account opening application webpage.

Upstox free account opening

How to eSign with eMudra if you do not have a Demat account with another broker?

  1. Select e-Sign with eMudhra while opening your account.
  2. Set MPIN and complete video recording.
  3. Navigate back to Upstox and click on continue button to  'Perform eSign’.
  4. Enter your PAN details in the signer ID field, MPIN as set earlier, and the OTP
  5. Click on the 'Perform eSign’ button to complete eSign with eMudhra.
  6. You will be automatically navigated back to the Upstox website once you have clicked on the  'Perform eSign’ button.

Getting documents e-Signed may take upto 3-4 hours. You can track the status of your Upstox account opening application with the link you receive via SMS.

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