How to close zerodha account

How to close or delete zerodha demat account

You may want to close your zerodha account when you are not trading actively or moved to any other stock broker. Keeping your demat account active will accumulate annual maintenance charge.

If you close or delete your zerodha account, it will be permanently deleted and you have to open a new account again if you want it later.

Things to do before requesting to close zerodha account

1. Clear all the dues - You should clear all dues/negative balance before closing your zerodha account. 

2. There should not be any stock or any other securities left in your demat account. 

How to close zerodha account offline

To close your account though offline process, follow steps mentioned below,

2. Print and fill the form.
3. Send to zerodha head office by post or courier.

Zerodha head office address

Zerodha H.O [No.153/154 4th Cross Dollars Colony,
Opp. Clarence Public School,
J.P Nagar 4th Phase, Bangalore - 560078]

How to close zerodha account online

You can esign the above form using digio and submit this account closure form to zerodha by raising a support ticket.

To close your zerodha account online follow these steps.

1. Download Account Closure Form

Go to Zerodha support portal and download the account closure request form.

2. Fill Details

Fill your Zerodha account details like client ID, email ID, PAN number etc. in the form.

3. Digitally Sign

Use Digio eSign facility to generate digital signature on the filled account closure form.

4. Submit Form

Go to the Zerodha Esign page and raise a support ticket to submit your digitally signed account closure form.

5. Account Closed

Zerodha will process the closure request within 5-7 working days and intimate you over email once your trading account is closed.

In summary:

Download form > Fill details > Digitally sign > Submit form by raising ticket > Account closed in 5-7 days.

New updated account closure process

Zerodha recently updated their online account closure procedure. You can follow steps given below to close your demat account permanently online.

  1. Login to

  2. Go to Account > Segments

  3. Click on "Close Account" option

  4. Select closure reason and give feedback

  5. Accept terms and proceed to eSign

  6. Digitally sign the account closure request

  7. Enter Aadhaar number and OTP to authorize closure

In summary, the key steps are:

  • Login to Zerodha console
  • Navigate to Close Account option
  • Digitally eSign the closure request form
  • Authorize using Aadhaar and OTP

I have explained both online and offline account closure procedure in zerodha above. The offline process is similar in almost all brokers. You will have to download account closure form from their website, fill it and send by post or courier.

Fyers demat account opening

Upstox demat account opening

I have explained How to close upstox account online in another post in our blog. If you have read that, you can find that they also made online process to close their account simpler. Before some years, most brokers had only offline method to close accounts. Now almost all leading brokers have online process and they made it easier.

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